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Congratulations on receiving a Trial Lesson voucher to fly with Phoenix Aviation.

We fly 7 days a week – start and end times vary with the seasons.

We do not fly unless the weather is suitable for the lesson AND we are satisfied that it will be an enjoyable experience for you.  In the UK climate this means that you should always be prepared to book a second, and quite possibly third, date.  Sometimes we can slightly delay the flight on the day in question to allow for the weather to improve e.g. a mist to disperse, but this depends on what other bookings there are.

The weather can be just as good for flying in the winter as the summer, albeit not as warm, but the trial lesson vouchers are valid for 10 months so you have plenty of time to plan your flight.

We'll need a few details from you, so the best way to book your lesson is to email us on with your preferred date(s) and time(s), or you can call us on 02392 552703. We will check aircraft/instructor availability and respond to finalise the details.

We will require details of weights (for both you and any passenger) in order for us to load the aircraft appropriately. It's very unusual that we cannot take both a 'student' and a passenger, but we cannot guarantee this until the weights are known.  Please note though that there is an absolute weight limit of 14 stone (90kg) in the C42 Microlight and 18 stone (115kg) in the PA28.

Should you wish, you may 'upgrade' your voucher to a flight of higher value in the C42 or 4-seater Warrior, on payment of the difference.

There is a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions here and our Terms and Conditions are here.

We look forward to flying with you.

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