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Frequently Asked Questions about Trial Lessons


Will I fly the aircraft?


Yes.  This is a lesson, and it is designed to familiarise you with the component parts of the aircraft, the cockpit layout and basic instrumentation, and operation of the main flight and engine controls.  The lesson counts towards the training required for the PPL or NPPL.


Will I receive any instructions before I fly?


Yes, there will be a full ground briefing about the theory of flight, the main flight controls and their effects, as well as a walk round the aircraft to show you the major components.


Are there any medical restrictions on a trial lesson?


As long as you can get in and out of the aircraft unaided, you should be fine to fly.  It is not advisable to fly if you have, or have recently had, a cold.  If you have a heart condition or are pregnant then best to mention this when you contact us.


Is there a weight and/or height limit?


Yes, but this varies with the type of aircraft.  In the C42 microlight there is an absolute weight limit of 90kg.  In the 4-seater Warrior there is a 115kg limit for a single person and a combined maximum weight (i.e. +passenger) of 200kg.  Weather conditions may further affect these limits.  We’ll discuss this at the time of arranging the trial lesson.  The maximum height in either aircraft is 6’ 6”.


Is there an age limit?

There are no lower or upper age limits for learning to fly, but for practical reasons we recommend teenager and upwards.  For an individual over 14 years of age the flying can be logged as training and counts towards a licence.


What clothes should I wear?


Even in cold weather it is warm inside the aircraft, so there is no need to overdress – similar clothes to what you would wear on a car journey - and footwear should be trainers or flat shoes.


Can I take a passenger?


In the 4-seater Warrior aircraft you can take ONE passenger at no extra cost.


Can I take a child as a passenger?


It is recommended that children under the age of 8 are accompanied by an adult in the rear of the aircraft.  We are happy to discuss how best to take children on the flight.

Can I share the flight?


On the 60 minute lesson in the 4-seater Warrior there is an option to purchase a landing at a local airfield where you and your passenger can swap seats.  Please note that this can only be done on the day of the lesson when weather, weight and runway availability constraints are known.


Can I bring any family or friends to the airfield?


Yes you can.  In addition to our facilities there is an excellent café on the ground floor with an outside viewing area.  Children must always be accompanied by an adult.  Unless absolutely necessary, dogs should not be brought to the airfield.  If they are, they must be kept secure while at the airfield.


What if the weather isn’t suitable on the day?


We only conduct trial lessons when the weather is suitable – wind, cloudbase and visibility being the main factors.  Your instructor will usually contact you in plenty of time prior to the flight if it is NOT suitable, and we will arrange an alternate date.  On occasions though, the weather can change unexpectedly, and aircraft can go out of service.  In these circumstances we will contact you as soon as the issue is known, but it may be too late to stop you setting off.


Can I take photographs?


As ‘pilot under training’ you will be fairly busy flying the aircraft, but you should have time for the odd photograph.  Of course, if you are taking a passenger in the 4-seater Warrior, they can snap away from the back seat.


Can I ‘upgrade’ my trial lesson?


Yes.  A voucher may be ‘upgraded’ to a flight of higher value in the C42 or 4-seater Warrior, on payment of the difference in voucher prices.  We must be told that you would like to upgrade at the time of making the booking – we cannot upgrade on the day as resources will have already been allocated.

How long is my trial lesson voucher valid for?


10 months – which means that a voucher given at Christmas may be used in the summer if warmer weather is preferred!  As long as the voucher has not expired it may be ‘renewed’ on payment of an admin fee – please see our Terms and Conditions.


How are the Trial Lesson Vouchers sent?


Trial Lesson vouchers are sent as a PDF for the customer to print out  For orders received Monday - Friday before 3pm they will be emailed out the same day.  After 3pm on a Friday and at Bank Holidays they will be emailed out the next following working day.  YOU MUST BRING A PRINTED COPY OF THE TRIAL LESSON VOUCHER WITH YOU WHEN YOU TAKE THE LESSON


How much notice do you require?


As long as we have an aircraft and instructor available (and you don’t need a voucher posted first) we may be able to provide a trial lesson at very short notice.   Our busiest time is the summer, when there is potential for a week or two’s delay.  Just call us on 02392 552703.

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