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Phoenix Helicopters

It has come to our attention that the helicopter flying school at Solent Airport - Phoenix Helicopter Academy Ltd. - has gone into receivership.  It appears that they have taken their Website down and calls are not being answered.

Other than sharing the first word 'Phoenix' in our name, that business has, or had, no connection whatsoever with Phoenix Aviation, who continue to trade normally.  Unfortunately, 'Phoenix' is a fairly common name used by flight schools!

We've conducted a bit of research and found details about them here:

This includes information about the liquidator: Richard Toone,, 0121 794 0600, and also the directors!

If you purchased scenic flights or trial lessons from them, then you may well be able to claim this back via your bank, credit card company, or through compensation schemes run by organisations such as PayPal or Amex.

In the apparent lack of information via their Website or an answerphone message, we hope that the above will be of some help to you.

Phoenix Aviation

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